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  • Maverick Smart Glasses: What sets them apart?​
    Maverick combines a unique set of features unavailable in other Smart Glasses including: Lightweight fashionable untethered design (less than 50 grams) High brightness & contrast  OLED color display 9-DOF Line of Sight More than 8 hours of continuous operation, low power wireless communication Compatible with iOS and Android devices More information can be found here:
  • Whats in the box?
    The Maverick box contains: Maverick smart glasses (Medium or Large) with Polycarbonate tinted removable visors Carrying case Charging cable (inc. USB-C to USB-A Adaptor) Pouch (is also a cleaning cloth) Interchangeable Nose Pieces (for personal adjustment) Quick start guide More information can be found here:
  • Where can I find the technical specification of the Maverick?
    The full maverick specification can be found here:
  • Do the Maverick Smart Glasses work outdoors?​
    Yes, the Maverick smartglasses are designed to meet the harsh outdoor environments providing excellent brightness levels so you can clearly see the display even in the sunniest days of the year. Furthermore, the inclusion of lightweight IPX 55 design, polycarbonate visors, adherence to safety standards, sweat protection, and various other features ensure functionality everywhere. More information can be found here:
  • Where can I find applications that support Maverick Smart Glasses?
    Developers release applications supporting Maverick through Google Play and the App Store. You can find a list of Everysight beta apps here:
  • How do I charge the Maverick battery?
    You can charge the Maverick battery using the charging cable provided in the box, which connects via a magnetic connector to the left temple of the glasses.
  • How long does the battery of the Maverick last?
    The battery of the Maverick lasts over 8 hours on a single charge, thanks to its energy-efficient design and various power-saving features.
  • Does the battery of the Maverick Smart Glasses get warm/hot during long periods of use?
    No, the lithium-ion battery built into the Smart Glasses does not get hot.
  • Can I use Maverick without a companion application?
    No, you cannot use Maverick without the companion application. The Maverick smart glasses rely on a wireless connection via Bluetooth to your smartphone, facilitating interaction and data display through the companion app. More information can be found here:
  • Is it possible to connect more than one application to Maverick via BLE in parallel?
    No, the glasses connection is BLE, supporting only one connection at a time, meaning you cannot connect more than one application to Maverick simultaneously.
  • Does Maverick come equipped with a camera?
    No, Maverick doesn't come with a camera. It prioritizes a lightweight, small design, focusing on other features for enhanced user experience.
  • How to change the Maverick nosepieces?
  • How to change the Maverick Lenses?
  • How do I start developing maverick app?
    First you have to purchase the Maverick Developer Edition which includes 1 Year developer license and the Maverick Smart Glasses. Then, to start developing a Maverick app, visit the Maverick developer portal. It contains a developer guide, API reference, and links to our GitHub repositories for samples and libraries. More information can be found here:
  • How the Maverick SDK is implemented?
    The Maverick SDK is implemented using a core Kotlin multiplatform module, which contains the majority of the SDK logic. Additional platform-specific logic is implemented using platform-based codebases to provide OS-dedicated capabilities such as Bluetooth communication and resource handling. This architecture ensures cross-platform compatibility while allowing for the utilization of platform-specific features when necessary. More details can be found here:
  • Where can I download the sdk libraries from?
    You can download the SDK libraries from the GitHub repository at This repository contains the necessary files and documentation to integrate the Maverick SDK into your projects. You can clone the repository or download the SDK libraries directly from the Releases section of the repository.
  • Where can I find the full list of the developer resources?
    You can find the full list of developer resources at This link provides comprehensive documentation for developers, including guides, API references, and other resources to help you effectively utilize the Maverick SDK.
  • How to use my developer key?
    The sdk.key, which you receive by email upon purchasing the Maverick Developer Edition, enables the connection to the simulator and glasses. Detailed instructions are available here:
  • Can I use a simulator of Maverick?
    Yes, you can use the Maverick simulator, downloadable from our GitHub repository. Connecting the simulator requires the sdk.key. More details:
  • What operating system does the Maverick run on?
    The Maverick runs on its embedded operating system, facilitating command processing, hardware control, and information display. The Maverick SDK integrates into your existing phone app, exposing glasses capabilities and offering APIs for content rendering and control via Bluetooth. More information can be found here:
  • How do I receive firmware updates?
    The Maverick firmware update files are embedded within the released SDK libraries. To install firmware updates, you can utilize the firmware update API of the SDK. The SDK provides an API for performing the update process, allowing you to integrate firmware updates process easily into your application. Additionally, the SDK includes a user interface that guides users through the update process you may use. See: For a demonstration, you can refer to the sample project provided with the SDK, which showcases how to implement firmware updates in your application:
  • Where can I find additional developer tools I can use?
    Tool can be downloaded from: You can find in the repository various tools that can assist you in creating applications with the Maverick SDK. These tools include the Maverick Simulator, a fonts generation script, and an image optimization script. These resources can be invaluable for enhancing the development process and optimizing your applications.
  • Can the Maverick be connected to devices without an iOS or Android operating system?
    No, Maverick requires the companion app, relying on a Bluetooth connection to smartphones with iOS or Android. This facilitates interaction and data display. More info:
  • Can Maverick present content in 3D?
    Maverick can displays 2D content and can emulate 3D using the 2D rendering capabilities. Maverick can't present native 3D content. For example, check our Arcade app:
  • How do I open an SDK issue?
    To report an issue with the SDK, you can follow these steps: Navigate to the SDK's GitHub repository at . Create a New Issue: Click on the "Issues" tab in the repository. Then, click on the green "New Issue" button to start creating a new issue. Provide Details: Clearly describe the issue you're encountering. Include relevant information such as steps to reproduce, expected behavior, and actual behavior. The more detailed you are, the easier it is for the maintainers to understand and address the problem. Submit the Issue: Once you've filled out all the necessary details, click on "Submit new issue" to create the issue. This will notify the SDK maintainers, who will then review and address your concern. By following these steps, you can effectively report issues with the SDK, helping to improve its reliability and functionality for all users.
  • Can my SDK license work with several Mavericks?​
    The SDK license works with a specific pair of Maverick Smart Glasses.
  • What happens after I develop an application?​
    Any app developed using the SDK will only connect to a specific pair of glasses associated with your sdk.key. For apps that you wish to distribute via either the Apple Store or Google Play, you will need to contact us with a request for a runtime key. Once received, the runtime key should be embedded within your app and will enable all glasses to work with it. More information can be found here:
  • When does the 12-month SDK License term start?
    The 12-month SDK License term starts after your first usage of the sdk.key or 3 months from shipment (whichever occurs earlier).
  • May I be able to use other third-party apps with my Maverick?
    Yes you will be able to use all open apps developed by third party’s and are available on AppStore or GooglePlay including Everysight’s Beta apps​.
  • Can I renew my SDK license after one year?​
    Yes, SDK one-year renewal is available. You will receive a renewal email before expiration. (SDK renewal does not include hardware).
  • I didn’t renew my SDK. can I use Maverick apps?​
    If you don’t have a valid SDK, you will still be able to run any free application developed by yourself or third parties that has been approved by Everysight and uploaded to the Apple Store or Google Play. This also includes Everysight’s Beta Apps. Applications you develop that were released after the sdk.key expiration date won't be able to connect to the Maverick Smart glasses.
  • What are the Apple watch restrictions with Maverick SDK?
    Due to Apple Watch limitation, Bluetooth does not have a permission to run in the background. As a result, Apple Watch applications must be in the foreground to use the glasses. In addition, the app must operate with low CPU usage on the Apple Watch. It's important to consider these limitations when developing applications that integrate with the Maverick SDK for use on the Apple Watch.
  • Can I use Maverick if I need prescription Lenses?​
    The Maverick Developer Edition Smart Glasses are focused to  ~2 meters. If you require glasses to that distance, then we recommend you purchase our Rx Prescription Lenses. (Rx adaptor)
  • Where can I purchase the Rx Adaptor?
    You can purchase the Rx Adaptor for Maverick glasses at It's compatible with both Maverick glasses and BMW ConnectedRide glasses.
  • How to attach the RX lenses?
  • Is the BMW ConnectedRide Rx Adaptor the same as the Maverick Rx adaptor?
    Yes. It's compatible with both BMW ConnectedRide glasses and Maverick glasses.
  • Is it possible to buy the Rx Adaptor if I fall outside the range of -+4?
    No, you cannot buy the Rx Adaptor if you fall outside the supported range of -+4. You can find the full supported ranges in the prescription form downloadable from
  • Where can I find images and videos of the Maverick Smart Glasses?
    To find images and videos of the Maverick Smart Glasses, you can search the internet using search engines like Google or Bing. Additionally, you can visit the media kit page:
  • Can I still buy the Raptor Smart Glasses?
    You can't buy the Raptor as it is currently out of stock and deprecated.
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